Heidi Vermeil


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MARCH 2017 | Lexington, KY



I consider myself to be an unintentional artist. Though I have always been creative, my painting began in earnest after I was forced to leave a job I loved. I was heartbroken and confused. I had my husband and two children, but I was lost without my career as a teacher. At first my art was an escape pain…and my chance to heal….but after a while it became more than an outlet. I found that it allowed me to express my spirituality. I found myself noticing beauty in ordinary things. I started painting what was important: my family and places that had changed me. To this day I continue to experiment. The layers in my painting – I hope – represent how we cloak our own souls. With each the layer of light and darkness I strive to show a glimpse of beauty in its many, various forms.